Kolinski and Crosby Purchase Laser for the Treatment of Gum Disease

LaserLasers have been a part of dentistry for over 25 years. These instruments use specific light wave lengths to cut tissue. Until recently, we did not see the value of lasers as the cost of the laser is high and the benefits minimal when the same treatment could be rendered with conventional instruments at a fraction of the cost. Recently, a laser with a specific wave length, used in a specific manner, was approved for treating periodontal “gum disease” by the FDA. The nd:YAG, or Millennium Laser, works to removed inflamed gum tissue, sterilize the pockets to remove specific pathogenic bacteria and create a seal in the gum to allow for new bone formation over time. Though expensive, this instrument can be used as a substitute for more invasive gum surgery to treat periodontal disease with significantly less tissue recession and similar beneficial results. If you have any questions about treating your gum disease with the effective and less invasive technique, please contact our office.