Referring Doctors

Welcome to our web site. Dr. Kolinski and Dr. Crosby have created this web site as an educational tool to our referring doctors and their patients. Dr. Kolinski and Dr. Crosby believe that the core of their practice is an open exchange of ideas between a patient, the restorative dentist and themselves.

Whether for dental implants or periodontal care, functional reasons or esthetic reasons, our philosophy is to provide each patient with the best treatment plan possible and to complete that care in an efficient and convenient manner.   Our practice is built on the cornerstone of customer service, and as such we offer this web site to you.

As a restorative dentist, you will be able to direct your patients to specific pages of this site to answer questions regarding dental implant treatment and periodontics. We think you will find it especially useful as an in room education tool to use during the consultation process.

As you review this site, you will come to areas that you can refer to quickly and easily to aid in the education of your patients. We have also included a referral form which you can print off and give to your patient. You may email a referral to us here. We will review the information and keep you informed as to whether your patient has scheduled or not.

We believe that the patient is best treated by good communication between our office and yours. Any information you can provide regarding your patient in the form of email, fax or phone call is greatly appreciated. Many patients are very concerned about their time. If you have referred a patient for a routine procedure, i.e., a graft, a crown lengthening, or a simple dental implant treatment, many times they can be completed the day of the initial consultation. If your patient chooses treatment that first day, we will waive the consultation fee.

Some patients have high anxiety and wish only a consultation. If this is the case, please advise us so that we can be careful to accommodate your patient’s needs in a way that respects their feelings.

Same Day Surgeries: Should your patient desire a same day surgery, please advise us of any medical concerns. If your patient is referred for a dental implant in an esthetic area, please advise us if you or the patient would prefer a fixed temporary. If your patient is going to have a removable temporary, please fabricate this ahead of time and forward it to our office in preparation for your patient’s appointment date.

Please contact our office for detailed descriptions of the gallery photos