Your initial visit to our office will consist of a review of your medical and dental history, and a complete examination of your teeth, gums and other oral structures by our doctors. Our assistant will also take your blood pressure. If you were referred to our office by your general dentist, we will review the x-rays sent by your dentist during this time. If new x-rays are needed, we will take them using our Dexis and iCAT digital x-ray systems.

Digital x-ray systems emit 75 percent less radiation than older x-ray systems. The images are immediately visible on the computer monitor in each exam room allowing for prompt review by our doctors.

In many cases when your consultation will involve evaluation of your teeth and jaw for dental implant placement, an additional x-ray or CT scan will be required. This CT scan is taken at our office at the time of your consultation and will allow our doctors to have the most complete information on the anatomy of your mouth, face and jaw. This CT scan allows us to evaluate, diagnose and formulate surgical and restorative treatment plans based upon accurate and precise measurement of skeletal structures. This is a special x-ray available at very few offices and allows us to provide you with the best possible care.

Dr. Kolinski, Dr. Crosby or Dr. Trahan will then give you their initial impressions of your periodontal condition and will formulate a treatment plan just for you. We strive to answer each question you may have regarding your treatment options and the treatment procedures best suited to your needs. We have many useful tools available to help clarify most treatment procedures, including our multimedia display on the computer, three dimensional models, and 'before and after' pictures. The doctor will follow this up with a letter describing the recommendations to both you and your referring dentist.

If your referral is for a simple procedure, many times this treatment can be done at your initial visit. This includes crown lengthenings, grafting procedures and simple implant cases. If you are interested in having your treatment done at your initial visit, please advise our administrative staff upon making your first appointment. Please know that we can only accomplish this if there are no complicating medical factors.

Important: Please be aware that all patients under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the consultation appointment.

After a treatment plan has been established, you will be escorted to our treatment planning coordinator. Discussions regarding fees, payment schedules and insurance can be completed privately and comfortably in our coordinator's office. Future appointments can be scheduled at this time, including collaborative care with Dr. Michael Higgins, Anesthesiologist, for general anesthetic, and with your referring dentist as necessary.