Pre Op Information Regarding Soft Tissue Surgery

Connective Tissue Graft

Connective tissue grafts are designed to cover the root surface. We can expect a success rate of 90% of the root to be covered 90% of the time.  If the results of a connective tissue graft fall short of your expectations, the graft can be attempted a second time at no additional charge.

Sutures may be placed both at the donor site of the graft (the roof of your mouth – palate) and at the graft site.  A soft periodontal dressing may be placed in these areas as well.  Both the donor site and the graft site will have a soft appearance for the first four weeks.  Tissue grafts can take up to six months to completely mature.  If there is some roughness at the graft site, this can easily be modified to take on a more natural appearance after the healing is complete.

Free Gingival Graft (Soft Tissue Graft)

A free gingival graft is not designed to cover the exposed root surface. Rather, it is designed to inhibit additional recession from occurring.  Sutures will only be placed at the graft site and the palate may be covered with a soft periodontal dressing.  The free gingival graft area will take time to mature and the ditch under the graft, which is frequently visible during the healing stages, will fill in over time, with complete maturity, in four to six weeks.

Healing after a Graft Procedure

Although infections do occur post-operatively with graft procedures, they are extremely rare.  Though you may have some delayed healing or prolonged discomfort with a graft procedure, typically it is a normal course, rather than as a result of an infection.  If, however, you experience an elevation in temperature, please advise your doctor so that an antibiotic can be prescribed.