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Dr. Crosby, Dr. Kolinski and Dr. Trahan Attend the 7th Annual Meisinger’s High Altitude Comprehensive Implant Synopsium


The synopsium featured both lectures and hands on workshops from world-renowned speakers. Attendees gained a better understanding of Bone Augmentation and Soft Tissue Management, Vertical and Horizontal Augmentation, Crestal Sinus Drills and much more. The synopsium was held at the Sebastian Hotel in Vail, Colorado from February 1st through February 3rd. Drs. Crosby, Kolinski and


Situations and Solutions: Specialized Treatment Options to Productively Address Clinical Challenges


COURSE DESCRIPTION For today’s implant patient, the final outcome and long term success depends on team treatment planning and communication with a multi-disciplinary approach. Determining the most ideal surgery and prosthesis can provide many benefits toward esthetics and function. A review of site preparation, soft and hard tissue management, abutment selection, lab and clinical procedures


Another Successful Year of Education!


2016 marked the 2nd year of our annual Staff Seminar and the 9th year of our annual Hygiene Seminar. The focus of these seminars was to discuss how collaborative care between our office and yours benefits both your patients and office. Including both seminars, we educated over 150 dental staff and hygienists. Thank you to


Did you know people with diabetes are more likely to develop periodontal disease than those without diabetes?


Diabetic patients are more susceptible to infection, therefore increasing their risk for the disease. The relationship between the two actually goes both ways. Periodontal disease can make it more difficult for diabetic patients to control their blood sugar, since it impairs the body’s ability to process insulin. Periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition that if