Post-op Information Following Implant Placement and Sinus Grafting

During the next six weeks, please do not blow your nose, and only sneeze with your mouth open.

Day of Treatment

Please avoid extremely cold or hot foods until numbness wears off.  Try to rest for the remainder of today, and avoid rigorous exercise.

Take your prescribed medications as reviewed and as noted on your Medication Information Sheet.  You may expect to have some discomfort when the anesthetic wears off.  Therefore, we advise that you start taking your pain medication, either prescription or over the counter, before all numbness has subsided.  You should consistently feel better each day following treatment.  Should discomfort increase after 3-4 days, please call the office.

Some facial swelling and/or bruising near the surgical area is very common following a sinus graft.  During the first 24 hours after surgery, an ice pack placed on the facial area nearest to the surgical site will help decrease swelling and bruising.  Alternate the ice pack on and off in 15 minute intervals.  Minor head elevation for the first day or two following surgery will also help minimize facial swelling.

Small amounts of blood in your saliva may be present for the first few days following surgery.  This will diminish as your mouth heals. Should significant bleeding persist, sit quietly and gently bite down on moistened gauze or a moistened tea bag for twenty minutes.  This should allow a clot to form and the bleeding will stop.  Otherwise, please call the office.  Experiencing a nose bleed within the first 24-48 hours after a sinus graft is not unusual.  Should a nose bleed present or persist 48 hours after surgery, please call the office.

Do not drink through a straw or a sports water bottle, and avoid vigorous rinsing/spitting during this time as well. Please abstain from smoking for at least one week after surgery, if unable to refrain entirely.

Use gauze moistened with mouthwash to gently clean your mouth instead of using your toothbrush today.  Do not clean or disturb the surgical site.

If you have a temporary denture or flipper following implant surgery, you may start wearing the appliance during the day.  You should take it out while sleeping.  Please do not chew food while wearing the appliance.  Always avoid the surgical site(s) when chewing.

If you are having immediate temporary crowns placed today or in the next couple of days, remember to never bite down on these temporary restorations while eating.

Eat only very soft foods making certain to chew away from the implant site(s). Please know that you will not be able to chew food on the implant sites for two to four months following implant placement.

After 24 Hours

Continue to take your prescription medications.

A warm pack can be applied at this time to aid in comfort and reduce swelling and bruising.  Alternate the warm pack on and off in 15 minute intervals.  Continue as needed.

Use the provided gauze moistened in mouthwash to gently clean your mouth instead of using your toothbrush today.  Do not clean or disturb the surgical site.

Begin to rinse daily with Peridex after breakfast and before bedtime starting 24 hours after your surgery.  Proper home care helps prevent infection and aids healing.  Peridex will reduce the bacterial count in your mouth during the healing process.  Continue the Peridex twice daily for eight days.

Eat only very soft foods making certain to chew away from the implant site(s).

After 48 Hours

Continue to take your prescription medications to completion, and continue to rinse with Peridex.

A warm pack can be continued if necessary. Swelling and bruising will peak 2-3 days after surgery.

Brush your teeth using the extra soft toothbrush provided.  Be very gentle around the surgical site.  After your post operative observation appointment, you may resume your customary oral hygiene regimen.

More solid foods that can be cut with a fork can be added today as you become more comfortablePlease remember to always chew away from the implant site(s) for the next two to four months.

You may resume your normal exercise routine after six weeks.

Should you experience any congestion you may take over the counter Sudafed and follow the instructions on the package.

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