Post-op Information Following Soft Tissue Surgery

Day of Treatment

Please avoid extremely cold or hot foods until numbness wears off. Try to rest for the remainder of today and avoid rigorous exercise.

You may expect to have some discomfort when the anesthetic wears off. Therefore, we advise that you start taking your pain medication, either prescription or over the counter, before all numbness has subsided. You should consistently feel better each day following treatment. Should discomfort increase after 3 – 4 days, please call the office.

A periodontal dressing material may have been placed on the surgical area(s). This dressing acts as a protective oral bandage. The bandage placed on your palate may fall off after 1 – 7 days or can be removed after 7 days. If this dressing comes off without being removed, avoid chewing food in the area until after 5 – 7 days. Topical Orabase with Benzocaine has been provided to relieve discomfort on the roof of your mouth after the dressings are no longer in use. If you are in any way concerned, please call the office.

During the first 24 hours after surgery, using an ice pack placed on the facial area nearest to the graft site will help decrease swelling and bruising. Alternate the ice pack on and off in 15 minute intervals. Minor head elevation for the first day or two following surgery will also help minimize facial swelling.

Small amounts of blood in your saliva may be present for the first few days following surgery. This will diminish as your mouth heals. Should significant bleeding persist, sit quietly, place moistened gauze or a moistened tea bag onto the surgical site and with the thumb or forefinger apply firm pressure to the area for twenty minutes. This will allow a clot to form and the bleeding will stop. Otherwise, please call the office.

Do not drink through a straw and avoid vigorous rinsing/spitting during this time as well. Please abstain from smoking for at least 24 hours after surgery.

Use the provided gauze, moistened with mouthwash, to gently clean your mouth instead of using your toothbrush today. Do not clean or disturb the surgical sites. Eat only very soft foods.


After 24 Hours

Continue to take your prescription or over the counter pain medication.

Begin to rinse with Peridex twice daily after lunch and after dinner. Peridex will aid in keeping your mouth clean, allowing for optimal healing. Continue until gone.

Use the provided gauze, moistened with mouthwash, to gently clean your mouth instead of using your toothbrush today. Do not clean or disturb the surgical sites. Do not brush in the area of the graft.

Eat only very soft foods.


After 48 Hours

In most cases, the sutures placed at surgery are dissolvable and will start to fall out after approximately five days. This is normal.

Continue to take your pain medication as needed.

Brush your teeth using a soft toothbrush, avoiding the surgical sites. After your post operative observation appointment, you may resume your customary oral hygiene regimen.

Eat food that can be cut with a fork for the remainder of the first week. More solid foods can be added once the sutures are removed and you are more comfortable.

You may resume your normal exercise routine.


Questions? Please Call

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Should you have questions during office hours, please call the office at (630) 377-4677

After office hours, Dr. Kolinski and Dr. Crosby may be reached at the following phone numbers:

Dr. Kolinski’s home number: (630) 752-4222

Dr. Crosby’s Cell Number: (312) 399-7655

Dr. Kolinski’s cell number: (630) 235-3944