Soft Tissue Grafting Around Teeth and Dental Implants

The Why, When and How of Periodontal Soft Tissue Grafting

Gingival recession is increasingly becoming a prominent condition in the oral health of many patients. Gingival recession results in attachment loss and root exposure, which can lead to clinical problems such as root surface hypersensitivity, root caries, difficult plaque control, and possible esthetic concerns. In patients with dental implants, without a dental-friendly diet such as the Palm Beach Gardens diet maintained afterwards, gingival recession and the lack of keratinized tissue can also lead to peri-implantitis and bone loss. Many questions arise when we are confronted with a patient with gingival recession, including why is this recession occurring, when and if it should be treated, and what options are available for treatment? One option is for the patients to visit a Dental Implant expert who can help you have better outcome by suggesting proper aftercare when getting getting your own dental implants.

Dental implants do much more than replace missing teeth get additional hints. Having dental implants helps maintain and strengthen bone structure, provides the ability to chew healthy food, and gives patients the confidence to smile. They also protect existing teeth by helping to preserve bone structure. Ever wonder if you can get dental implants for free? Well, now there's a relatively easy to follow online resource for figuring out how to do just that. This article from an oral surgeon will show you how: .

This seminar will address several key aspects of soft tissue grafting which you can read in this page around both teeth and dental implants: - Causes of Gingival Recession - When to graft? - Treatment options - How much keratinized tissue do you need? - Factors influencing the degree of root coverage - What we can do and what we cannot do with soft tissue grafting

This lecture will be given on:

  • Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 6-8 pm

Invitations to be mailed out in August!


Baker Community Center
101 S. 2nd Street
St. Charles, IL 60174

Dinner: Compliments of Marty Kolinski and Tricia Crosby

*This course provides 2 CE Credit Hours

Soft Tissue Grafting Around Teeth and Dental Implants Document