3D Cat Scan Dental Imaging


3D Cat Scan Dental Imaging technology is being used by Dr. Kolinski and Dr. Crosby for diagnostic information prior to implant placement.

The iCAT cone beam 3-D dental imaging system provides high-definition, in-office, three dimensional, digital imaging important in the dental implant treatment planning process. The iCAT’s advanced dental imaging gives Dr. Kolinski and Dr. Crosby the most thorough diagnostic information possible, which allows for more accurate treatment planning and more predictable patient outcomes. With cone beam CT 3D imaging, Dr. Kolinski and Dr. Crosby can:
  1. Analyze bone structure and tooth orientation to optimize implant treatment and placement
  2. Select the most suitable implant type, size, location and angulations prior to surgery
  3. Examine the quality and density of the bone prior to placing an implant
  4. View critical anatomy such as the location of nerves and the sinus before surgery